Manufacturing Process Update

Look, I’ve told you before, the manufacturing process takes time.

None of these things are going to happen overnight and some sob storey about how your unable to feed your sick dying cat, which has some almost incurable disease, that relies upon amazingly expensive medications to just keep her barely breathing; or what ever detail you sent – isn’t going to change anything. So before you write to tell me about your situation, of which I care nothing about, how about you just monitor the station communications like every one else and wait until the latest set of lifters are ready for your grubby hands.

For the impatient, I have enclosed a progress report scan of the current manufacturing stage.

[Communication Ends]

Y3030 – Lifter Concept Model

It’s the Year 3030 and you have the glorious job of flying a lifter, the current equivalent of a forklift, to fulfill customer orders. It’s a competitive industry, the best pilots are paid handsomely, the rookies are lucky if they make enough to stay alive.

This is the first concept model for the lifter, with it’s collection arms retracted.


After collection of a contract item, the arms are tucked under, holding the cargo in place.